Microworker: Get paid to work

Microworkers.com is a great platform for those who wanted to earn some cash by doing some tasks in internet. This program is based on two categories employer and worker. Employer means one can give task to the workers to do and workers means the one who do the work for the employer. The task means very simple it is something about tweeting, commenting,sign up,sharing in social medias, voting, writing articles etc. The employer provide an amount for doing a task it is mainly goes from 0.10 to 2.00$ per task. The pay per task is depend upon the importance of the job. Microworkers allow the members to become both employer and worker at same time.

It is mainly based on a budget if you want referrals to earn cash from other site then provide a budget (cash) by adding fund here the workers will join under you. You are the one who review the task done by the worker if you are not satisfied with the members work then you can reject it. For workers this is a great platform for earning some cash easily and fast. Microworkers offer two payment option payza(alertpay) and moneybookers(skrill) to add fund for employers and redeem for workers. For workers the minimum payout amount is very low that is 9$. They are offering a great way to earn some extra cash from internet for doing task you don't need any previous experience to perform there task so anyone can participate in this program. I hope you will like this site and also try this out. All the best.


  1. The best facts about Clixsense's Get Paid To Click Program:
    1. Upto $0.02/click.
    2. 5 seconds lowest timer.
    3. Re-click every 24 hours.

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