Google adsense: Way to maximise your earning

Google adsense is very familiar to everyone but here I just like to share my ideas about it. Adsense is a google service where advertisers meet webmasters(publishers) for advertisement. The main advantage of this service is no other ad network has not able to challenge adsense. There CPM rates and CPC rates are very higher than any other ad network. But the major problem of this service is they want only quality websites for there advertisement that took into many rules and regulations. If anyone who violate the rules and regulation with his/her knowledge or not they should be banned from this service immediately. Other ad network is using this disadvantage into there advantage and also the payout amount is some what high for low traffic site which is 100$. However when we check an alternative for google we will confuse to choose another one because of the high ecpm rate in google adsense. There are lakhs of webmasters are using this service for the income of there site from all over the world. Google has achieved many milestone through adsense as from the advertisers and publisher.
For the advertisers adsense is the best place for advertising and for webmasters this service is the best for maximising there earning. They are paying there members by check which is available to all over the world. The real trouble occuring in the adsense is the webmaster who didn't have the previous experience in blogging will cause many problems. As from my view it is some what very difficult for getting an adsense account but if you get one then it will be very lucky because there thousands of peoples who are wishing for a adsense account but didn't manage to get it because of there review process. If you want to boost your earning with your blog/site then adsense is the best place. To join adsense in in here . All the best.

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