Expertswrap: Get paid to write and earn from visitors is a good website for those who looking to earn some cash with there writing. The earning stats in expertswrap is depend on the unique visitors who visiting your article, earning report of this site based on the ecpm which is vary from 2-5$ for every 1000 visitors. For eg: suppose the epcm(earning cost per thousand) is 4$, you have write 10 articles in expertswrap and you where able to get average 70 visitors from all articles, like that for 20 days you got 70*20=1400 unique visitors, then earning is likely to be 1400/1000=1.4 *4=5.60$. Remember this is only just a mathematical statement sometimes your earnings may be higher than this. Expertswrap is called as the sister website of famous site because both the sites are running by same webmasters.
The minimum payout in expertswrap is very low as compared to other pay per view site it is just only 5$. And currently they have only one payment option that is payza(alertpay). Mainly expertswrap has only one way to earn cash but the members can earn extra cash from there referral activities. For every referral who write an article the referrer will get 0.05$. If a member has 10 referrals and each of them posted 10 article then the total articles which is posted by all the referral is 100, the earning for the referral activity to be 100*0.05= 5$. So there are many opportunities are there for those who wanted to earn cash from writing. I hope you will like this site and try it. All the best.

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