Edomz: Best CPM ad network

Edomz.com is a good ad network for the bloggers or webmasters who has low traffic. They pay 70 to 90% of the advertising rate to the publishers and there targeting advertisement is CPM,CPV ads with pop under. This ad network has so many advantages like good CPM and CPV rates when we compare with some of the famous other ad networks. There are thousands of bloggers and webmasters are using this ad network because of some resonable benefit. Their payout rate is the major thing that attracting most of the publishers it is just only 5$ so anyone can earn fast from this ad network when we compare the payout rate with adsense,chitika etc they are providing a huge amount to payout which may some bloggers can afford with their traffic. This ad network has three payment option which is widely available in any country paypal,payza,moneybookers. This ad network doesn't have any restrictions in country traffic they accept all countries. Edomz is also a great place for advertisers their advertisement rates are very low than other ad networks.

The only disadvantage that found on this ad network is they use pop under banners which is most of the internet users disabled in their browser but there is another options are also for solving this problem. However this ad network has lots of benefits and advantages than other ad networks. Edomz is looking like a simple ad network which is very is for anyone to understand the features some ad networks has lots of features and may ad sometimes very hard for the members to learn everything. I hope this ad network is very good for everyone. All the best.


  1. hey , I did some test for popcash vs edomz.com for same hits edomz pays me like 13 $ where as popcash offerred $9. I will continue using edomz and recommend to all

  2. Yes you are right edomz is better than any other pop under ad network

  3. Adzonal.com is best CPM ad network in now a days