Clicksor: One of the best ad network is one of the famous ad network and it is one of the top10 ad network in the internet world. And it has thousands of publishers and advertisers are there having more than millions of websites which is running under the advertisement of clicksor. They pay 60% of the advertisement cost to the publishers but the most common problem is the epcm rate of clicksor is very low when we compare to adsense, chitika etc. Even though they have this problem there advertisements are very attractive and also it has four way of advertising mode is running- CPI,CPM,CPC,CPV which is not commonly seen in other ad network. This advertising mode shuffled and show to the visitors so it help the webmaster to earn some cash easily and fast. They have many advanced features are there for attracting publishers and advertisers which is not seen in other ad network. They have three option are there paypal,check and wire transfer. And the minimum amount for redeem is for paypal and check it is 50$ and for wire transfer it is too high that is 1000$. The best way to earn from this ad network is they pay for each and every impression that the publisher made for CPM ads.

They pay for impression rate is for 100 impression it may vary from 0.20 to 0.70$ which is also not common in other networks. But the major problem is there CPC rates are very low that the advertisers are buying traffic for low budget however they are paying there members as they promised so if one has site have generate good traffic can earn from clicksor. And also they offer referral cash of 10% for each member you refer from the earning of this site. I hope you will like this ad network. All the best.


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