Chitika: Best ad network for US/Canada traffic sites is very famous for the best alternative of google adsense. This is mainly because they gave high ecpm rate for US, Canada traffic than any other ad network. This ad network is good for webmasters who has targetted traffic from this areas. They pay for click mainly than impression. There CPM rates goes from 0.40 to sometimes 3$. But the most advanced program in this ad network is they give promotion for webmasters who gave more traffic. If the webmaster able to provide more than 10000 impression a week then the webmaster will be promoted to gold membership. The traffic range below this range are called as silver membership. Chitika has two payment option paypal and check, they are offering very low payout amount for the redeem that is 10$ for paypal and 50$ for check. When we compare chitika with adsense and adhitz there main problem is less quality advertisements. And they have only text ads which is not much attractive to the visitors but the ads which place in our content title will be matching so the visitors may sometimes will click. There are thousands of people who using this ad network for earning cash from there sites and also some revenue sharing programs allow there members to choose chitika for there earning source. Another advantage of this ad network you don't have any restriction about the number of ads are kept in a post which is most of the other ad network allow the publishers to use only 3 ads in one post so this is plus point in chitika.

When we just look at Chitika it has many advantages and disadvantages but this is in the top10 ad network list. This ad network is very useful for country targetted traffic. They are paying members in a monthly base and they don't shift your amount to next month if you not able to pass the minimum payout. If your site is able to match with this ad network then chitika is the best option. All the best.

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