Adhitz: Best alternative for adsense is a fresh ad network which comes into the internet world with lots of promises. Adsense which is known as the king of ad network has many restrictions that took many of the publishers to get banned with a reason or without a reason. Adhitz comes in the right time when the publishers where worrying about a good alternative for adsense. Upto a part chitika has achieved the role of best alternative of the google but the main disadvantage is it is only good for US/Canada targeted traffic on that time adhitz a new ad network comes into the rescue for the publishers. The main advantages of adhitz is they accept all the country traffic and the advertisers has the permission to choose the ways of advertising there site. There are two ways are for advertising in adhitz one is we can choose particular site for advertise at low cost or we can choose pay for every click from all the impression. Adhitz offer a great opportunity for the publishers that they have a good CPC rates.
Unfortunetely they don't pay for CPM ads which is only one disadvantages. Another great advantage of this ad network is there banners and text ads are graphically very attractive so when seeing the ads anyone will tent to click. They have two payment option are there payza and paypal. The minimum amount for withdraw is 25$ for paypal and 50$ for payza. The advertisers are allowed to advertise on your site by selling advert. So adhitz is the best alternative for google adsense. I am recommending you to try this ad network. All the best.

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