99designs: Get paid to design

99designs.com is one of the famous web designing company in the internet. There system is based on buying and selling designs as a contest. Anyone can join in this designing companies without any previous experience but having the skills to design logos,web,tshirts etc. The design wanters comes to this site and run a contest according to the rate that given by 99designs. The members has to select a contest which they can do then read the details, requirements and create a design according to that finally sumbit to them. At last the design wanter choose one design and pay the amount to that person through 99designs. One major thing is it is a competition so if the design is not at best then there is no possible ways to earn.

This company is one of the largest web designing center so there are multiple number of contest will run so there is enough possibility for everyone to earn. Logos can directly sumbit to this designing site so logo designers can earn from every sell. The minimum payout amount is very low as we compare the price of a contest this offer is mainly for logo designers that is 50$. They have four payment mode visa,paypal,mastercard,american express. For earning some high income from the internet through web designs then this site is the right place. There are more than 18 lakhs of dollars are paid to the members each month so this designing center has some experience with the sales and designers satisfaction. Therefore one can earn easily by using his/her skills. All the best.


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