Way to go Facebook Marketing

'Facebook Marketing' did you heard this word before? Facebook is one of the worlds largest social media do you have an idea about how to turn facebook into a sales and marketing. One of the best way to earn income from internet is the affiliating marketing. Some of the affiliating marketing sites like amazon.com, sfi.com, clickbank.com etc allow you to sell things for them. Actually it is very hard to promote a product easily through a website/blog. The source of customers is from visitors. If we have enough visitors then sometimes our product may get sold easily. The best way to get visitors and customers is using facebook for marketing. What you have to do is create a page using your facebook account and make lots likes by promoting it in other big pages. Then you have to promote your product by sending status updates, tags etc.

I believe that sometimes one can make more customers than using there own website. Most of the case peoples don't have the idea about how to start a bussiness. You can share your experience also by using your page. When you promote a product remember you have to give your affiliating id to them because if they purchase something using your id then you will commision for that. Consider if you have promoted a product of 50$ and the company offer you 10$ for every product commision. If you have promoted your product in facebook page and 500 members saw that status and out of them 10 of them were interested to buy. Your commision for that product is 10$*10=100$. This sometimes called it as a bussiness secrets. I hope this article is useful for you. All the best and thank you.

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