Way to go blogging

Traffic has big role in providing more customers and earning opportunities. In the case of blogging it is also like that you can turn your traffic into a good income opportunity. For doing blogging you have to require a blog or a website. What you have to do with your blog/website is that you have to share your ideas and experience through it. Just imagine if you can post 5 articles a day then within 10 days your blog will get 50 articles. After that you have to submit it to the advertisement programs like google adsense, chitika etc. If they reviewed your site and approved it you will be very lucky to get income from online.
When someone read your article which is posted on blog/website the advertisement company will keep some ads with that if that person click on that ad then you will get one click. Like that imagine if the advertisement programs epcm is 15$/1000 and your blog get 1000 page views a day and out of them 500 people clicked on the ads. If this static gone. You will get 500*30= 15000 clicks which means that you will get an earning of 15000*15= 250$ in one month. Imagine if your traffic is greater than that.

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