How and Where to get ads space for free

We all know that advertisement has a big role in driving traffic to a website/blog. When we visit on certain websites we can see some banners are placed in the sides of the sites some ads are from advertisement programs. To place an ad on a website which has a good daily page views will not be a easy thing. For that we have to spend some cash to the webmaster to buy ads place. Do you ever imagined that how to get a chance to place an ads in one of the best visitors driving sites. If you want you can i will going to introduce a site which offer ads space for free. The site has approximately 8000 page views daily. The site is This a site which help to earn money through internet. You can write articles for this site and they will pay for it. They have point system which is equal to cash they give points for some of the activities 1000 points = 60 rupees (sorry this is only for Indians but you can join and participate in the activities and can buy ad space no problem but you can't earn from this site).
The things that require advertisement.
*You will need a banner to place.
* they have some schemes -
300 points= 1 day full ads place
2000 points =1 week full ad space.
6000 points= 1 month full ad space.
* when you reach the enough points you have to mail
*Mention about the scheme,directing url, on which date on they have to place your ads, your username.
*when they see your they will reply for it.
Note:- illegal websites banners and advertisement program(google adsense,chitika etc) banners are not allowed.
Be active and earn points in the same time you can make money also by posting articles.
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  1. If you're looking for a reputable contextual ad network, I suggest that you check out Chitika.