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I would like to introduce a new website which will pay you for writing articles. We all have some ideas and knowledge about different things. Don't you ever got an idea why don't I share my ideas and knowledge for cash. There are some few websites which offer people to earn money from there writing such a website is the Sometimes you may think how they will get money for paying me. The fact is they are having a google adsense program which help them to earn cash from every clicks and visitors for that we need to help them. You can write any kind of articles on this site but remember invalid writing about wrong topics are not allowed and also they need only unique articles which means that you are not supposed to copy the content which you are owned or others written work.
The pay for articles are assigned by webmaster by checking the quality and content of the article. If your article didn't have much quality sometimes you may get some few cash credit. Currently the exposeknowledge has 2 payment options one is alertpay(payza) and bank transfer( only for indians)and the minimum cash for withdraw on payza is 10$ and for bank transfer it is 20$. The payza is for international members. is the best place for beginners because they only focus on the quality and trend of that content. And moreover they have a point system which help the user to earn some cash extra. In the point system 1000 points=3$. I would suggest you to visit this website and know more facts about the site. All the best.

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