Bukisa: A revenue sharing program

Bukisa allows a revenue sharing opportunity for the users. User can write articles of about 250 words in bukisa. You can write article on any topic according to your wish. When Bukisa review your article and publish you will get revenue for that. Remember you will need a google adsense account or chitika account for getting revenue from bukisa. For google adsense they will give 60% of the total revenue to the people and for chitika they provide 100% revenue. One more thing they will pay 3$ for every 1000 impressions. Actually bukisa is very helpfull for publishers who have less traffic because sometimes your blog or website may not get much traffic to generate revenue but in bukisa they have a good page rank so your article will get enough readers so revenue will also flow from according to it.
More visitors means it will generate a good number of impressions and if you get some clicks also then it will be a good. There are many peoples who do blogging with bukisa it is because you republish your article in bukisa which you posted in your blog or anywhere. You can use bukisa for promoting your site also and the only thing that they look is posting illegal contents is not entertained in there. As like the rules of google adsense and chitika are applicable in this site.They have a good web design and have good number of page views are there so your articles may get a good number of visitors. All the best.
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