A friend in need is the friend indeed

"Sacrifice is greater than love.Character is greater than beauty.
Humanity is greater than wealth
But 'NOTHING' is grater than good friend"

One of the best gift of god is the friends. Friendship has more meaning than just wasting time outside. Sometimes all of our friends which we know can never become our best friend only one or two person out of them will be very positive with us they are known as true friends. Sometimes a true friend can open our minds easily than our parents and we can share our problems to them confidently than to our parents. Most of the case they will solve the problem easily than our thought. There is another proverb which also mentioning about the importance and role of a true friend.

"A friend in need is the friend indeed"
Our friends will always with us in happy times but a true friends will always with us in both our bad times and happy times. Sometimes life may offer some hard times with friends but it also make an unforgettable moment in our life. A friend can turn your moods and even he/she can solve any problems easier than others solutions. Actually true friends are the best gift of god.Friends are the best source which teach us the importance of love and respect. Our life will offer many valuable moments out of them one of the precious moment is the time with friend. It is the best rememberable moments in one's life than anything. All friends are not true friends but true friends are our best friends. All the best.

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