Thursday, 24 April 2014

How to do ethical hacking

Computer world always give importance to security researchers. From the beginning of 1970s onwards hacking and exploitation are came up. Everyday exploiters trying their level best to find an exploiting opportunity to misuse it. So in order to defend from this computer companies start to promote security researchers or ethical hackers. Anyone who knows programming and has the intension to find an exploiting way can find it because there is always a way to attack a site or a system. Following are the few ways to do security researching.

1) Think like real-:

You should have to create a confident in yourself there is certainly an exploiting way in the site or system. Just focus on different ways. Using inspect element tool on mozilla firefox is very useful(personal recommendation) , you can see the source code with details of the entire page with the help of this tool. You can refer various parameters and tags which are hidden in actual page but used in the script.

2) Start with natural ways-:

Some of the mostly used attacking ways are CSS(Cross Site Scripting), Remote code execution, session hijacking, SQL infection, Server attacks, URL redirecting etc. Learn to do this things will help you to learn what is actually ethical hacking means. Now also there are many sites which are vulnerability to this methods.

3) Use paper and pen -:

Use paper to note down various things that you found for example ,change in parameters, important tags used in the page etc. Keep in your mind that you are doing a research so you need to practice the way like a research. Don't concentrate only on one side itself you should have to drift to different if you want that there is no specific exploiting way.

4) Don't give up-:

If you fail to find the exploiting way then that never means that you don't having hacking skill it only means that the site or the system is strong and tight in its security. The thing that a ethical hacker need to find that is the security is strong or not if it is strong leave it and go for another.

Now companies like Facebook, Microsoft, Google, Mozilla, Paypal etc give some bounty for the security researchers who finds a way to exploits there sites or products. So do security researching and earn bounty. Don't practice black hacking it is not good for our life, some times you will get more money with black hacking but its totally wrong and it always end in trouble. So work for the good of the computer systems and network, you will get paid as well your heart will proud of you. All the best.

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

How to join in YouTube Partner Program

We all know that youtube is a mass video sharing site. And sometimes you may heard about Youtube partner program also, In this article I would like to share how to get paid with youtube videos with youtube partner program. You will able to get some good amount with the advertisements. Whenever a video uploaded by you get some good number of views, youtube will pay you. Usually youtube offers a rate of 2.50$ per 1000 views. If you have more number videos then the views will also high thus will bring you more cash. You need to have an adsense for getting this benefits, if you don't have don't worry with this program you will get an adsense account very easily without any much hardwork with your blog. Here is how to join on YouTube Partner Program.

1) Create a youtube account:-

Very simple, if you have a gmail account then connect with the youtube with it. Youtube is a service of Google. I am not sure, but I think the account need to have atleast an age of 6 month for creating adsense account. You need to have atleast 18 years old for to get an adsense account.

2) Upload videos:-

The videos that you uploaded in to the youtube need to be your own. Don't give background music if you create an album because it is against the copyright so create a video, give your own sound or not or capture a video using cell phone or camera. It is not necessary that it need to be a movie, even video less than 1 minute can also be uploaded to youtube but need to be your own. Your channel need to contain 3 or 4 videos atleast.

3) Join in youtube partner program-:

Simply goto YouTube Partner Program . Now verify your channel and apply to adsense. You should have to wait for the adsense team to replay that you got approved adsense account. If you don't got it, don't worry keep try untill you get. If you got the adsense account then congratulation, you can now use your adsense account to get paid from your videos or you can use the ads in your blog and can generate cash with the traffic.
This is a very simple way which help to get adsense account. You will able to make some quick cash with the help of adsense. It is very easy to get some good number views for the video if you actively do social sharing and your video is search engine friendly. All the best.

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Windows firewall and its working

Windows firewall is a program that designed and developed by Microsoft for the protection and safety of there users. Once there was many malicious attacks were occured because of not having a protective medium for the computer. In a very high protective manner, windows firewall is protecting our computer. In order to avoid the problems and the hackers attacks, the microsoft take up this measure. It is very interesting to know the way it protect our computer.
How windows firewall protects the system
Windows firewall is just like a wall which will come in between the network and the computer. Only the trusted programs are welcomed into the computers while others are blocked from the computer. This program is an essential thing for a computer as it guard the system. Remember if the windows firewall is off in a system then the risk is very high. There are many malicious and hacking attacks are occuring in world widely. The firewall updates are also necessary as it will create more protective layer for your computer. Never turn off your windows firewall.
How to turn on windows firewall
It is very easy, just goto your control panel. And click the windows firewall, in there you can see the status of the windows firewall that is whether it is turn on or off. In the side you can see that a dialog named turn on or off windows firewall. Click there, and opt the option to activate firewall. In the windows firewall, you can also see the trusted programs that listed by the firewall in your computer.
One thing that you have to remember is turn off the windows firewall is not good for a computer. Having an antivirus and windows firewall will make your system safe from malicious hackers. Update the security patches regularly so that new updates will came up to protect your system. Sometimes you may heard that Windows XP is going to down from April, 2014. That means no new patches will be available from then onwards. Windows firewall is included in windows XP, Vista windows 7 and windows 8. Thank you.

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Build your own application with programming

Softwares can be developed with the help of many computer languages. Usually programmers choose java, but not only java but there are many computer languages and GUI softwares are there. Learning C or C++ will surely help anyone to begin a new life with programming or what we say coding. Let we can go for a close look on some of the cool computer languages which is used in both PC and mobile for creating softwares.
1) Java-: Java is an object oriented programming language. In windows having java sdk or jdk will help to create softwares. Programs are also developed with the help of java. Java coding is very easy to learn if the person has some basic knowledge in C programming. It is possible to create advanced and high level softwares with the help of Java. Java ME is a great platform for creating mobile apps for java mobiles.

2) Visual Basic-: Visual Basic is a GUI software developing tool released by windows. The main advantage of visual basic is one can create the design of the software easily with drag and drop way. Coding also very easy to learn if you have some logic mind. Visual basic is used to develop desktop softwares and it is also available for developing windows 8 and 7 mobiles. Microsoft is the one who behind the development of visual basic. It is also one of the smart pick of many of the developers.

3) Andriod-: Andriod is a mobile OS which is now holding a big hand in the mobile industries. Google is the owner of andriod OS. Andriod sdk, java sdk and eclipse are the required components necessary for creating andriod apps. Anyone who having the knowledge in java can easily learn andriod language and can develop apps. Andriod is only for mobiles because the OS is only available for mobiles but the apps is created with desktop. Google is offering a great platform for selling andriod softwares in Google Play. So one can make some good earnings with andriod softwares.

4) Illumination software creator-: It is a wonderful software for the non programmers to create software without using any code but only with logics. With the help of this software one can create many platform supported apps. Andriod, HTML 5,Python,iOS apps can be created with the help of this software. It is one of the best alternative for visual basic but it is easier to build software with illumination software. It is also possible to create multi platform softwares with the help of this software.

This were some of the best and coolest tools and language which help us to make softwares or build apps. There are many Mac or iOS software builders like appdesigners etc are there but here I just give the preference to windows tools more because mostly peoples were go with windows. Try this tools and enjoy the fun with coding. All the best.

Saturday, 18 January 2014

How to boost logical thinking

Logical thinking or logical calculations plays an important role for the human brains. Usually programmers loved to increase their logical skills to develop better programs or softwares. Coding and mathematical calculation skills of a person is really depends upon the logic he or she has. There are many way in which one can increase his logical attitude that is through brain exercises like logic games. We all have some hidden skills in our body but the thing is we need to recognize it and uncover it and show it to the world. Here I am presenting some of the way to increase logical skill of a person.

1) Play brain games-:

Some of the brain games like sudoko, chess, mathematical games etc will help a person to think more and also this thinking will help to increase logical skill of a person. If we play more sudoko game then we will find it very easy to play after playing alot it is because our logic is increasing. Some of the mathematical teasing calculation games also provide a great platform to increase your logical skills. Puzzle games is also a part of the brain games and has big role in developing humans thinking skill.

2) Solve maths and code programs-:

Computer programmers loved to code new programs. Creating different kind of logical program will help our brain to take some exercise. Creating a software or program based on numerology, creating hard programs based on our day to day life etc will boost your logic. Programming languages like C, C++ are good practising different programs. And also solving mathematical problems that is integration, differenciation, mathematical problems based on DMAS rule etc will help you to increase logical thinking.

3) Develop an idea searching attitude-:

That is you need to develop a good thinking. If you are seeing a new software which is designed by someone else, you need to think about the programming logic behind it. For example you are seeing a word counter, then you need to think how the word is counting in this software. With this basic you need to program a small word counting program(I mean not software) with C or C++. In this way it is possible to increase your program developing skills.
This are some of the possible ways in which one can boost his logical skills. Generally programmers, hackers(security researchers), web designers will always wished to increase their logic for developing a better computer experience. It is very fun to do coding. All the best.

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

How I got pagerank for my site

Getting a pagerank is sometimes a dream for most of the bloggers. When I started this blog my aim is to get a pagerank to this blog. After a long time of hardwork a finally managed to get a google pagerank 1/10 . I would like to explain the way I got it. From the beginning onwards I searched in the search engines about the way pagerank depends. I finally came to know that pagerank is something that is a sign of trusted site. So what I did is I started to post daily without missing a day, regularly I posted article atleast 1 in a day. By step by step I came to know with the increase content in my blog, my blog traffic and alexa rank are began to get higher. That give more confidence I learned SEO and applied most of the techniques in my blog. All my works were gone in a manner of success. But only thing that I found not increasing is my earning. Even though my traffic is increasing gradually it didn't goes in a rapid process. In somedays, my traffic goes very down and that day is something that irritating me. For that, I had done many thing but didn't worked out then finally I came to know that backlinks are the thing which is responsible for getting pagerank and with that one can drive to their site. With this aim I started to create backlinks, one thing that I carefulled with creating backlink is I only picked up the high pageranked sites for creating backlinks. And also I carefully managed only to create 2 to 5 backlinks a day because if a person create backlinks without a limit then it will surely effect to get into the list of spam site. So I only created backlinks with a limit. I got many backlinks from highly pageranked sites having a pagerank more than 4/10. This helped me to get some more traffic than the usual traffic. But due to lack of time I slowly stop doing blogging. But after some months when I came back to my site and checked the seo stats.

I surprised to see that the blog got a pagerank. But my alexarank came to down because of low traffic because I didn't updated my site for a long time. From my experience I would like to tell that writing more content and creating quality backlinks were the key of getting huge traffic and pagerank. Now my focus is to increase pagerank and my traffic. Blogging will help you to learn more things so never stop blogging. All the best.

Friday, 20 December 2013

Biodiversity conservation and its importance

Nature is a gift of god so it is our responsibility to protect that gift and use it for good purposes. But the greed of man misusing it for their satisfaction. We need to think about others also especially to the coming generation. Now itself many thousands of variety species were already extincted from the earth and also many were facing endangering. We need to use the bio resources for our needs but not for our greeds. In the last 2 decades onwards their missed lots of varieties species which including highly medicinal plants and many animals.

How to conserve biodiversity

Planting trees is one of the most prefering step and easiest thing that a person can do for the conservation. We know that because of the coming high building and industries, many forests were destroyed and some of them resulted into deserts. If we cut a plant or tree for a need then we should have to plant 2 of them for it. Deforestation resulted in the change climatic conditions and other atmosphere problems. Many medicinal plants which is seen rarely were extincted from the earth because of the misuse so plant as much as possible. Awareness program is another which is practiced by government of India and several countries. Upto a part these program helped a lot to teach the importance of biodiversity to the illiterate peoples. Another thing is we need to stop the practice of cutting of plants for unwanted purposes. Creating a small gardens will be a great thing which is good for our life and for our needs.

Importance of biodiversity

If we don't care about the importance of biodiversity then we are making ourself into the edge of danger. In an ecosystem, every organisms depends on another organism for food if any kind of damage to one of the organism in a ecosystem will effect all the organism on that ecosystem. If it is plants then the result will be very dangerous because plants were the primary food material for a food chain. So it is very if one goes on danger then all will be get into danger. Just like the organism for humans also this will create big problem. We already know that population exploitation creating a big problem in the availability of the food we mainly depend on plants for food in other way we depends some animals for meat. If the food availability goes down because of lack of bio resources that is plants then it will surely effect us. This were the importance of biodiversity. We need to use the bio resources for our offer but not misuse it for our greeds. All the best.